Project Description

Arctic Justice – The series

Direct by Francesco Cinquemani and many others


Artic Justice is an animation film for families, 3D CGI, produced by Arctic Justice Movie Limited.

Iervolino Entertainment has decided to produce a series inspired by the film consisting of small episodes lasting 5 minutes and the voice are always entrusted to the same actors who participated in the film and dubbed in Italy by the greatest actors and dubbers of our country.

The film is about the dark scheme that the sinister Doc Walrus (dubbed by John Cleese) secretly devises to accelerate global warming and dissolve the Arctic Circle.  A group of inexperienced heroes (dubbed by Renner, Franco, Baldwin, Huston, Klum e Sy) must come together to foil his sinister plans and save the Artic.

Drawn from the animation film “Arctic Justice”

  • Based on the animated film “Arctic Justice”